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Accepting the proposals of the expert panel with a few alterations, the Union Health Ministry has framed a Central council and has guided states to shape advisory groups at their level to decide the size of remuneration to patients, who have been influenced because of defective hip implant of Johnson and Johnson (J&J). "State level committees, rather than provincial councils (as prescribed by the expert board), ought to be framed to empower bother free access to the patients as they can without much of a stretch approach the state level panel in their particular states. The patients can likewise be offered inclination to approach both of the two committees (Central or State)," said a notification dated August 30, 2018. 

The expert panel, which presented its report on February 19, suggested that the organization ought to be made liable to pay atleast Rs 20 lakh to each influenced understanding and that the repayment program for modification medical procedures proceed until August 2025. "The Central Committee will audit the report of the State level board and furthermore different records put together by the patients. Quantum of the pay would be chosen by the Central Expert Committee in view of the accompanying: base measure of Rs 20 lakh; level of incapacity; quiet enduring by virtue of money related loss of wages and different misfortunes; rate inability of the patients," the notification included. In another notice dated August 30, 2018, the health service has framed the Central advisory group to decide the quantum of pay to patients. R K Arya, Director at Sports Injury Center in Safdurjung Hospital, has been named as the executive of the board. Two orthopedic doctors, one teacher of pharmacology and one law educator are alternate individuals. According to Central government, the state level committees would have the accompanying individuals: two orthopedic doctors or physical medicinal restoration doctor from government healing facilities; one radiologist from government doctor's facility; one zonal or sub-zonal authority of focal medication controller; one authority of state tranquilize controller. 

The Union health service's expert board had deduced in its February report: "… the ASR hip implant were observed to be flawed, which brought about higher amendment medical procedures"; the "… quickened wear of metal on metal embed prompts more elevated amounts of cobalt and chromium in the blood which prompt harmfulness… these metal particles harm tissues and further harm body organs" and "may likewise localized and serious medical issues". The majority of this, the board discovered, "results in expanded agony and reductions versatility influencing their family and social life" and has "a negative effect on their confidence and psychological well-being".

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