News By/Courtesy: Jyoti Goel | 28 Oct 2018 18:20pm IST

A colossal number of people around the world suffer from what we call as people- pleaser. They find it hard to cope with the situation where they have said or did something that made the other dislike it or show a slight anger over it. Their daylight is spent restlessly and the night time over thinking on it. Even a minor argument pulls them into a state of anxiety. This is one condition. The other is when someone tries to manipulate others to gain their likings. They might even end up posing as a victim in front of others. They try to gain their attention, sympathy or affection their mind is constantly pondering upon as to how they come into notice of others. In an article Psychology Today authored by Alex Lickerman, he mentioned this condition like we have made a certain sort of contract with ourselves to be liked by others and he describes it as the Good Guy Contract. He says it consumes a great deal of time and a good portion of the mind. It’s vital to that we break this contract and instead of focusing on how others treat s we need to focus on how we are treating our own selves. With this, we will be able to gain more genuine and long-lasting relations. With this, our lives will be much happier and peaceful.

Section Editor: Priyanshu Gupta | 28 Oct 2018 18:27pm IST

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