News By/Courtesy: AKSHIT BHARADWAJ | 12 Nov 2018 20:22pm IST

Dr. Arvind Kumar who is the chairman of the Centre for surgery at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and also heads the Lung Care Foundation who installed a pair of artificial lungs describes how dangerous the air has become to breathe. He added that the level of pollution especially in Delhi is ‘Severe’ for the working of lungs. The excessive bursting of crackers despite the Supreme Court’s ban has further aggravated the situation with the government failing to take counter measures.

He earlier this month installed a pair lungs using HEPA (High efficiency Particulate Air) filters along with fitted fans to describe the functioning of human lungs. The results were shocking with the artificial lungs turning black just in 6 days of its installation proving how lethal the air quality is and how harmful it has become to breathe especially after Diwali where certain areas were reported over 999 in terms of AQI.

Dr. Kumar claims that the air quality is so hazardous that it is equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes in a day. Delhi is exposed to PM 2.5 levels that is way above of what the safety levels are. He blames the politicians and the government for not taking appropriate measures that has led to these hazardous results.

Section Editor: UTKARSH JAISWAL | 12 Nov 2018 20:26pm IST

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