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Sexting is essentially a common online mode for sexual interaction be it through exchange of texts or photographs via various apps available or even through the traditional means of e-mail.  When it comes to India,  sexual interaction automatically got connected with cultural values and morals. Earlier, the concept of sexual interaction was not as open as it is today, and it was more of a social taboo in Indian Society to a much greater extent than it is today. This interaction was considered a sin if and when it was encouraged by a woman hence there also exists an angle of gender discrimination here. 

Recently a research was conducted by NIMHANS and Deakin University, Australia, and its study was published in Cyberpsychology Journal under the head “Sexting and Mental health: A study of Indian and Australian Youth.” In this study, they targeted 300 Indians and 298 Australians and discovered that Australians were more active and stress-free than Indian iwhen it comes to “sexting.” They also found that gender plays a role when it comes to the Indians engaging in sexting. Indians feels hesitant and thereby suffer from stress when they are sexting in comparison to Australians.  

It was also found that Indian men receive fewer sex chats from their corresponding counterparts in comparison to the Australian men. The researchers said that for Indian people,  sexting is still considered against their moral values and their culture. It is in their mind that it is full of risk and if and when the other people the in society become aware regarding this, they will question them and their upbringing also. It was also found that in a committed relationship sexting was considered acceptable and pretty normal. 

In conclusion, more evidence should have been collected to prove  that the online mode of sexual interaction so that it be used with proper safety.


Section Editor: Shreyashi Tiwari | 28 Dec 2018 21:49pm IST

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