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According to a new study one in two British people give up their healthy food habits because they find healthy food ‘Boring’. However the study of people’s dieting habits, done by food brand Tilda, revealed three in 10 believe just the thought of healthy food stops them from eating as well as they could.

It has also been seen the average diet lasts less than three months before dieters revert back to their old ways, and this makes three in 10 bored of eating healthily within the first months. According to the statement given by two third of the dieters, we enjoy eating healthy food, 47% said they find healthier cuisines “Boring” in respect to Junk food.

So this makes it quit clear that our senses have a huge role to play in the selection of food we make and that is true if we see it anyways. “We seek great tasting flavour, appreances, smell and texture in our food. Provided it is clear we reach to unhealthy foods such as the flavour of chocolate and the crunch of crisps in order to satisfy you needs.”

Convenience and ease of preparation are also highlighted as one of the reasons why people find it harder to stick to a healthy diet, with 44% of dieters  of the view that they would eat meals that are good for them if they were easier to prepare and more readily available”. However, three in 10 think eating unhealthy is more convenient than preparing healthier alternatives. According to a Nutritionist Rob Hobson: “Taste is the sum of all the senses, which include flavours, smell, sight, texture and sound.It is time to ditch your misconceptions around healthy eating and do your diet a favour by exploring the multi-sensory world of healthy eating. Recognising hoe to combine multi-sensory foods to create simple tasty dishes that stimulate all of the senses will help to change your perception of what it means to eat well and improve your enjoyment of Health food”.

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