News By/Courtesy: Prathipati Navya | 11 Jun 2019 2:08am IST

Though monsoon is arriving at Southern states like Kerala, there is no change of conditions in North and Central states in the heat wave. The temperature at Capital city is at 43.8 degree Celsius which is four notches above the seasons average. The weatherman warned that heatwave conditions in North and Central India will remain for the next week and severe heat wave alert has been issued for Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab.

The temperature in the states are as following Haryana at 47 degrees, Chandigarh at 42.7 Celsius; in Punjab, Amritsar is the hottest with 44 degree Celsius in Uttar Pradesh the weather was very dry and in the capital city Lucknow the temperature was recorded at 43.1 degree Celsius and at Allahabad 47.7 degree Celsius. While heatwave conditions are at high, here in the southern state of Kerala there is a moderate rainfall and monsoon has arrived. The Meteorological Department said there is a chance of cyclone. The weather report also predicted high rainfall at Malappuram and Khozikode on June 12th.

Due to the delay in the arrival of monsoon in the country, there is a shortage of 45 percent of rainfall said IMD. The precautionary warnings issued by the government in light of the heatwave 'attack' in North and Central India are advised to be followed. The heat is here to stay for at least another week while monsoon makes its slow advances.

Section Editor: Puja Jakhar | 11 Jun 2019 2:22am IST

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