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The outbreak of Cororna virus has seemingly instilled in China, a fear like never before. The country is trying every method possible, innovating new measures and is constantly on the lookout for solutions to tackle the outbreak of the deadly virus. As a measure to decrease the physical contact between people, the Government of China recommended that the people better stay indoors at all times to make sure that the risk of getting affected by the virus is mitigated to a very large extent. Due to this measure introduced by the Government of China, the country is now seeing an upsurge in the usage of the internet, in order to meet day-to-day requirements.

In the current circumstances, the normalcy with which a regular day progresses in China has seen a change. For instance, instead of cooking for himself/herself, a person residing in China has to now order food online and wait for the delivery, from e-commerce companies like the e-commerce giant or Pinduoduo or Missfresh, etc. Once the delivery boy gets to the location with the food and informs the person that his/her food is hear, the person now would have to wear a mask, gloves and other necessities, before proceeding to open the door, pay the delivery boy if such a payment is needed in the first place and quickly retreat indoors. The delivery boy too, would be wearing some sort of additional clothing, most commonly, parkas, which are large windproof jackets. Delivery boys in China now have to go for every delivery clad in a parka, to reduce the risk of getting infected by the Corona virus. The quick retreat of the person who orders the food is so that there is minimal or no contact with the delivery boy, who obviously has been to multiple houses and also maybe places like hospitals. However, the hard and risky work which has been undertaken to be performed by these delivery boys have been acknowledged by many. These e-commerce companies also now have a duty to ensure that the safety of their delivery boys is not compromised during the course of them performing deliveries. Though the risk taken by the delivery boys is immense, they in fact are helping scores and scores of people to meet their day-to-day food related requirements. The situation in China is now such that in most homes, the food which a household consists of is mostly a stack of products that have been purchased online.

Therefore, while the impact of Corona virus is increasing in China, with the death rate rising to 2,000 people and the number of reported cases increasing by the minute, the efforts put in by the Chinese Government, industries and also some individuals, to tackle the outbreak of this deathly issues is also increasing. Though some of the measures may seem to be providing only short-term and/or very negligible benefits, each of those measures are very important to China, for as of now, China’s main objective would be to control the outbreak of the deadly virus.


Section Editor: Pushpit Singh | 22 Feb 2020 9:34am IST

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