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The governments of Mexico and Uruguay are calling for an international conference of neutral countries to jump start a dialogue between Venezuelans. The conference is to be held Feb. 7 in Montevideo, the Uruguayan capital, and Mexico said Wednesday that it expects at least 10 countries and international organizations to participate. The United States and major South American nations recognised Venezuelan Opposition leader Juan Guaido as interim leader Wednesday while the European Union called for free elections to restore democracy, leaving President Nicolas Maduro increasingly isolated.

Mexico and Uruguay have refused to withdraw recognition from the embattled Venezuelan government of President Nicolas Maduro. The U.S., Canada and many Latin American nations have recognized opposition leader Juan Guiado, who declared himself Venezuela’s interim president last week.

All of these developments in the recent past going on at a frantic rate has thrown Venezuela into a violent social as well as political upheval caused majorly by repression, corruption and further economic mismanagement in the country by those who have remained in power in one or the other. Other countries to recognize  Mr. Guaidó as the country’s leader include Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala and the Organization of American States . A statement from Uruguay and Mexico says that “the purpose of the conference will be to establish the basis for a new dialogue mechanism that includes all the forces in Venezuela, in order to help restore peace in that country.”

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