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Moscow reported a tragedy when a Russian passenger plane made an emergency landing to burst into flames. Atleast 41 deaths in which 2 were children, are confirmed. It was an Aeroflot's Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft which crash-landed surprisingly and then it sped along the runway at Sheremetyevo International airport in flames.  There were around 78 members on that plane including the crew members. It was supposedly flying to the northwestern city of Murmansk. The video of the plane has gone viral on social media.

 The health minister of the Moscow region, Dmitri Matveyev, confirmed that 37 people survived and 11 people were injured.  Witness Alyona Osokina said she was inside the terminal when she saw a plane on fire rushing along the runway. "The blaze was devouring the plane," she told Rain TV. Osokina said that fire engines hada arrived immediately but we’re unable to put out the fire to save more lives.  Flight Su-1492 took off on schedule at 6:02 pm (1502 GMT)," said a statement from the airport. "After the take-off, the crew reported an anomaly and decided to come back to the departure airport. At 6.30 pm, the aircraft made an emergency landing," it added.

There are two fold theories brought up as to the fire. Some people are saying that the plane was brought back due to a technical reason and after the landing, the plane caught fire. Others are saying that the plane caught fire mid air.  Aviation Experts say that since tank fuel was full, the calamity would be more catastrophic. The russian president Vlamidir Putin has condoned the deaths of the people and offered condolences to their loved ones. The prime minister has set up a committee in order to investigate the reason behind the calamity.  The Sukhoi superjet was launched in 2011 and was the first jet developed post Soviet era. Recently the model has reported many technical glitches and errors.

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