Courtesy/By: Prathipati Navya | 09 Jun 2019 23:36pm IST

Bhutan also now added to the list of the countries in which homosexuality is decriminalized. Bhutan’s LGBT community is celebrating after the tiny Himalayan parliament gave support to the motion on Saturday. The lower house unanimously voted on Friday to repeal the two sections in 2004 Criminal Code. The section reads unnatural sex as illegal. Tashi Tsheten who represents the country’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community said: “we are a small and marginalized community and when our rights are discussed in parliament, it makes us extremely happy." He said some ministers are social workers and in contact with their community and the Prime Minister is a surgeon so they have a lot of hope. He also said they are facing discrimination at schools.

The Finance Minister Namgay Tshering had introduced the recommendation to repeal the two sections 213 and 214 of the penal code, he said they are “on stain" to country’s reputation. He said the sections are unnecessary since 2008 when Bhutan became a constitutional monarchy. “There is high acceptability of LGBT Community in our society,“ he said. He is very positive that the sections will be removed when the upper house votes on Monday.

The Bill Will be sent to royal assent when it is passed by the upper house.


Section Editor: Puja Jakhar | 09 Jun 2019 23:45pm IST

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