Courtesy/By: K.M.Kalidharun | 28 Jul 2019 16:19pm IST

On July 25, the Central Government of India has rushed 10000 CAPF personnel to Kashmir to strengthen the counter-insurgency.

An insurgency is a form of organized revolt by the people against the Government i.e. the people disobeying the government’s orders/rules. Counterinsurgency like a counter-revolution by the Government for the acts of the people.

The law and order situation in Kashmir is as always a big question. The people constantly revolt against the Government, And also with President’s rule in hand i.e. the Governor’s rule, the Central Government takes strong decisions, such as the one taken yesterday. Approximately, 50 CAPF (Central Armed Police Forces), 30 SSB (Sashastri Seema Bal), 10 ITBT(India Tibetan Border Force) and 10 BSF(Border Security Force) companies have been sent to the border.

There is already 65 CAPF battalions and 20 other battalions present in the border, to ensure the safety of the people going to Amarnath Yatra. A CAPF battalion consists of 1000 personnel. These 85 battalions also engage in counter-terrorist activities and maintain law and order. The additional 100 companies have been sent to strengthen the existing counter-insurgency. But for the questions, “why the 10000 personnel has been sent to Kashmir? What’s the specific reason? “As always, the Government refuses to answer.


Section Editor: Sandeep G | 29 Jul 2019 16:15pm IST

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