News By/Courtesy: Himani Aggarwal | 22 Mar 2018 22:42pm IST

How many times have you read the terms and conditions before clicking the 'OK' button on the screen? Most of the answers will be 'not at all'.  Although social media is a virtual world, it can lead to many physical and mental losses in reality. One of the losses is caused to a large number of people through the most used social media application, i.e. Facebook. It is alleged that facebook is resposible for leaking private data of almost five crore people through an appliction which was developed by a researcher of Cambridge University. Mark Zuckerberg has accepted the fault of his application and stated that he is developer of such a huge platform and if he in not able to protect it then no one will be resposible for it except him. The personal data of the users of the app  was collected and misused by Cambridge Analytica for leave campaign for Britain’s EU membership referendum and election campaigns across the world, including the victory of Donald Trump. It has also been alleged that BJP, Congress and Janata dal are clients of the Indian Affiliation of Cambridge Analytica, Ovleno Business Intelligence. So, where on one hand we have been craving for a corruption free building of our nation, the pillars are itself cracked with cheating and greed of power. Where new steps like Fugitive economic offenders bill, goods and services tax, demonitisation etc are coming up for the betterment of common people, the law makers are themselves corrupted.  According to IT news, Rahul gandhi wanted to use Cambridge Analytica as a tool against Modi government in 2019. Does that mean that power gaining is so much important that the personal data of people will be misused? Recently it has also been discovered that there is a sudden increase in the twitter following of Rahul gandhi, even these followers were bought or are they fake? Our representatives are good at playing blame-games, but we as citizens of India need answers. These days we have been fed up with the calls and messages of linking our 'Aadhaar card' with n number of things. Question is what guarantee does the government provide us that our personal data will be safe and secure if it's own hands are not clean?

Editor: Krishna Srinivas V | 22 Mar 2018 22:47pm IST

Tags : #DataLeak #Facebook

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