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In his recent address to the Mann ki baat radio Mr. Narendra Modi has addressed the problems faced by the most important sector of our economy, i.e., the agricultural sector. He hailed the roles of different leaders in the agricultural sector and recognising it as a vital aspect of the Indian economy. He said that Ambdkar showed us the true path that for achieving something in life you do not need to be a born in a rich family. The only requirement is that your dreams , your thoughts, your courage should be strong enough to fulfil what you crave for. He also added that many people made fun of Mr. Ambedkar as he came from a backward family and had dreams bigger than his class but now if we look at India, it is the country which is made by Ambedkar himself. His dreams and thoughts have come true as it belongs to the poor and backward. Discussing about the new budget, he said that in this budget agricultural sector has been of utmost importance and on the birth anniversary of Mr. B.R.Ambedkar, a 'Gram Swaraj Abhiyan' will be held as a part of campaign which will include separate programs on village developments , poverty eradication and social justice. Modi also said that the 'Make in India' campaign is also a part of Ambedkar's dream of India as an industrial superpower , his dream has become and inspiration today. Mr. Modi also recognised Mahatma Gandhi's words that "to forget how to dig earth and to tend the soil, is to forget ourselves." So in this budget the farmers are supposed to get a fair price for their produce. He said, it has been decided that the MSP of crops will be fixed at least one and a half times of their cost and will include labour cost of other workers employed, expenses incurred on own animals and cost of animals and machinery taken on rent, cost of seeds, cost of each type of fertilizer used, irrigation cost, land revenue paid to the state government, interest paid on working capital, ground rent in case of leased land. It is the time to see that whether it is a political move to fill the voters bank or an actual step to fulfil the needs of the poor farmers. How will it benefit and how much will it benefit will soon be seen in the near future. '

Editor: Ravi | 26 Mar 2018 10:26am IST

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