News By/Courtesy: Himani Aggarwal | 08 May 2018 23:40pm IST

BS Yeddyurappa (former Karnataka chief minister) today asked BJP supporters to "tie up" non-voters and get them to cast their ballot for the party's candidate in the upcoming assembly election in the southern state.

Yeddyurappa, who is the saffron party's(BJP) candidate for chief minister, made the controversial remark while addressing a campaign rally in Belagavi district. 

He said "Don't rest now. If you think that somebody isn't voting, go to their homes, tie up their hands and legs and bring them to vote in favour of Mahantesh Doddagoudar." Mahantesh Basavantrai Doddagoudar is the BJP candidate from the Kittur constituency.

Modi in a rally said that "Congress uses foul language for Yeddyurappa ji, makes baseless allegations against him ignoring his age, contribution to society and experience in politics. Yeddyurappa Ji visited homes of poor and Congress mocked that too. This is an insult to the poor and cannot be tolerated." Both the BJP and the Congress have launched a campaign blitzkrieg in Karnataka, which goes to the polls on May 12. The ruling Congress is facing a tough challenge from the BJP, which is looking to return to power in the state after a five-year hiatus.


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