News By/Courtesy: Jyoti Goel | 17 Oct 2018 12:41pm IST

The Me Too campaign is on a hike these days and the Bollywood seems to be building up quite many controversies one after the other. Amir Khan this time, the producer cum actor has backed off from a Partnership with Subhash Kapoor for his upcoming biopic on Gulshan Kumar after molestation allegations in 2014 by actress Geetika Tyagi. In a meet with Mrs. Rao, Amir Khan’s wife at Jio Mami festival, Geetika asked her if she is okay that her husband has associated with a person alleged of sexual harassment. Later she was found admiring Khan’s move to step back of the film on twitter. Mr. Khan finds it as an opportunity for the industry to take a step towards all this. In 2014 Ms. Tyagi made a film and uploaded on Youtube using hidden cameras wherein she was seen slapping Kapoor and also confronted his wife Dimple Kharbanda. Mr. Kapoor asked if filming a crying woman and uploading the same without her knowledge doesn’t come under harassment and if it’s fine to associate her with an accused of misconduct. He remarks it as a very low standard of mentality.

Editor: Priyanshu Gupta | 17 Oct 2018 12:45pm IST

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