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Sultan Kosen is 251 cm; He is about 8 feet and holds the Guinness world record. Sultan Kosen is from Turkey and is one among thousands who grew tall due to his condition of Acromegaly, he is among the seventh-tallest man. The following is an interview by Drew Binsky when he visited. He was very friendly and welcomed them warmly; Sultan Kosen lives in a tiny village outside Mardin. When he was asked what is it like to be taller and how is it different, Sultan Kosen told that he is 2 meters 51 Centimeters long and he understands how being the longest person feels. He further added that when he was 9 years old he first realized about it and this condition is due to his tumor, he also underwent 3 surgeries to rectify it but it could not stop his growth. In the year 2011, he visited Virginia University and radiotherapy actually helped him to rectify the problem. When he asked whether it was possible that he could continue to grow without surgery, he tells that it is surely possible and he would have grown even taller. The problem is that even his organs would grow alongside his height and since the surgery, he really feels comfortable in his own skin. He also sights that there are some advantages of being tall like holding the Guinness world record and due to which he had the opportunity to travel across 127 countries and he also learned English during this travels. He considers that he can help people easily clean the ceiling or curtains or even bulbs. But the advantages are not only the side, there are some disadvantages to like he can't drive a car and also draws so much public attention due to this, he needs a manager to accompany him as people even tend to wake him up at night and that's the reason why he lives in a village. The interviewer asked him what he does the whole day long, Sultan says that he is engaged in making YouTube videos, posts, and others, for Sultan it's really hard to type on the small screen. He also likes music and also owns giant speakers. He gives a beautiful parting message that all the things we own should be passed on to our children and grandchildren and hence everything should be used properly, he considers that friendship, peace and at last being a good person are the most important things for him. They have a beautiful breakfast and are touched by the hospitality, the Interviewer leaves with good memories in Mind from South-Eastern Turkey. 



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