News By/Courtesy: Rajnish Suman | 11 May 2019 0:15am IST

The box office this Friday is going to be a bit hot as Ryan Reynold’s new movie Detective Pikachu is all set to hit the box office on this day. The movie is directed by Rob Letterman. Ryan Reynold plays the lead role of detective Pikachu. Other star casts of the movie include Justice Smith and Kathryn Newton. The storyline of the movie is about a 21-year-old guy Tom whose father, an ace detective Harry Goodman goes missing mysteriously. Tom, in the urge to find his dad, gets the aid of his father’s former detective partner, Detective Pikachu, who is a funny and himself puzzled character. Their journey to find Harry bring them across new challenges and dark secrets. The screenplay is done mainly by byDan Hernandez and Benji Samit. Seeing the response the trailer of this movie has received worldwide this new concept which displays fighting pokemon in a hilarious and different way, we can say that it may be a big movie and can get it on the list of top grossing movies of the month. The movie estimated to have a budget of about $150,000,000. For now, the movie is all set to hit the theaters this Friday.

Section Editor: Puja Jakhar | 11 May 2019 0:20am IST

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