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We are increasingly attacking the issues we know nothing about. We have constantly started going berserk even before knowing what the issue if all about. One example can be found regarding movies. Before the release of the movie, we already anticipate its contents and consequences. This happened last year before the release of the movie Padmaavat. Heat was due to historical and religious reasons.  We do it for caste and community reasons, from religious zeal, even state parochialism and because we conclude what is filmed will not do our icons and demigods justice. Our approach is frozen at the level of adulation and anything critical feeds outrage.

The latest example in this row is of the movie Accidental Prime Minister. This movie is based on the book by Manmohan Singh’s media advisor, Sanjay Bandaru who served from 2004 to 2008. The trailer of this movie was released on Thursday in Mumbai. Movie is scheduled to be released on 11 January. But the controversies were picked up long before the initial release. Some people are also questioning the release date which is just a few months before the Lok Sabha elections. Issue has been converted into a political football. First to run with it is the ruling BJP which is tweeting unnecessarily saying that the movie is evidence to the ten-years of draconian rule by the Gandhis. Clearly, holding the government through puppet strings is presumably the theme of the movie. But if singular rule is the issue, then incumbent is also a competent repository.

BJP, before lampooning Singh after release of the movie, will keep in mind the avuncular image of the last Prime Minister. By the same token, the Congress agitation is also knee-jerk and shortsighted. It is not the Censor Board which can demand a special screening of the movie before release. 

Indeed, if the content is devious and corrupt without evidence, the filmmakers will not find relief even in the Supreme Court. Logically, these life stories in cinematic and TV content are taxes a person has to pay for being a public figure but such stage of tolerance is yet to be seen in India.

Section Editor: Shreyashi Tiwari | 01 Jan 2019 10:43am IST

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