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Congress shows no support for Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s demand for full statehood for New Delhi, raised in a bid to corner the BJP before the Lok Sabha polls.. “Why has the issue been raised now when there is no Parliament session scheduled and the present government at the Centre is also about to end its term?” asked Dikshit, the former Delhi chief minister, hinting that the demand is only a political gimmick. Opposition to the demand from the Congress comes at a time when the AAP has announced a state wide movement demanding full statehood for Delhi.

Congress’ thumb down to the demand is seen as a setback for the party, debilitating the movement before it even started. It also raises questions on the possibility of the proposed alliance between the Congress and the AAP before Lok Sabha polls, as it shows that the parties are yet to come together on basic issues. Earlier on Monday, Kejriwal had demanded full statehood for Delhi and Puducherry while participating in a protest led by Chief Minister V Narayanasamy against Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi. Narayanasamy on Monday had ended his six-day long sit-in protest after a meeting with Bedi, with whom he had a tug of war over the powers of the elected government.

Later that day, AAP in an official statement announcing agitation had said, “AAP will take to the people all the manifestos of BJP released in every previous election including the latest Delhi’s specific manifesto for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, in which the BJP had promised statehood for Delhi, if it was voted to power. Delhi voters gave them all seven Lok Sabha seats in 2014 only to be deceived by the Modi-Shah duo which does not like Delhi at all.” Dikshit said that to grant full statehood to Delhi, amendment to constitutional provisions is required and hence, the demand cannot be fulfilled without the approval of the Parliament. Further casting doubt over the practicability of the demand, she wondered what would be the financial condition of the Delhi government in case the capital city is granted full statehood.

Interestingly, former DPCC chief Ajay Maken had expressed his reservation on the demand of full statehood for Delhi, claiming it would bring about extra financial burdens for Delhites. She added that even Congress had earlier wanted full statehood for Delhi but eventually, the demand was dropped. “When we were in power, we also tried for it. But the Constitution has to be amended for that,” she said. Significantly, Delhi is currently governed by the 69th amendment to the Constitution which inserted Articles 239 AA and 239 AB and came into on 31 January, 1992. This provides for a council of ministers and a legislature in Delhi but gives the Centre control over law and order, land and services. Kejriwal’s tweet aimed to remind the prime minister of BJP’s promise in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls manifesto to grant Delhi full statehood. Significantly, the same demand was not seen in the saffron party’s 2015 Delhi assembly manifesto.

Section Editor: Shreyashi Tiwari | 07 Mar 2019 15:03pm IST

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