News By/Courtesy: Nikhil Verma | 18 Apr 2019 15:50pm IST

As said wisely, “The red cloth no more clad, let them be glad, no routing before they fully sprouting, no condition applies”.

Though the social evil child marriage has been erased from almost all parts of the country, but still there are some interior regions in the country where this practice is still prevalent. West Bengal being the only state in the nation where this practice has taken an aggravated shape which proving to be a life destroying custom for both sexes ultimately affecting the right to live with dignity and freedom.

The survey conducted by Child in Need Institute states that every second girl in various districts gets married earlier before the attain the age of 18. Murshidabad district tops the list with 61.05%, followed by Birbum district with 58.03%, Malda district 56.08% and Purulia district 54.02% being the places of disastrous conditions which made the child suffer with the issues of mortality and early pregnancy.

The statistics gathered by the Times of India shows that around 27,070 girls in the state have become early age mothers which ranks second in the nation.  Marriage does not invariably imply safety. Once a child gets married it automatically takes their fundamental right to education and become liberal to develop their personality. There have been many occasions where a child has approached the police or support groups for their help. But there are numerous other individuals who were forcibly married due to the reason of the sick financial conditions.

This social evil can definitely be tackled with the help of the political personality but these personalities will not assist because if this problem will be vanished then ultimately their political agenda will be destroyed.

Section Editor: Shreyashi Tiwari | 18 Apr 2019 16:03pm IST

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