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In Uttar Pradesh, the Gorakhpur constituency has been regarded as fortress for Bhartiya Janata Party since 1991. However, the Lok Sabha elections 2019 might not be piece of cake for any contesting parties especially for BJP. The temple of the Nath society that is the Gorakhnath Mutt has a big impact on the constituency. Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath is the chief priest of the Mutt. Yogi’s former adviser Sunil Singh has also embarked his entry in the politics with the announcement of his own political party Hindu Yuva Vahini Bharat. Actor Ravi Kishan has been asked to contest from Gorakhpur Constituency.

Political analyst Manoj Kumar singh says that the only election agenda for the civilians of the Gorakhpur would be the Mutt or Adityanath. The Gorakhnath temple and Mutt have always had a firm control over the constituency. Before Yogi, his preacher Mahant Awaidya Nath earlier contested elections from this seat. Development and other matters haven’t got priority in election agenda but rather the public of Gorakhpur has repeatedly casts their vote on the basis of social class or the Mutt, as elucidated by Manoj.

The caste population in the place stands at around 3.5 Lakh Muslims, 1.6 lakh Dalits, 2 Lakh Kshatriyas, 2.5 Lakh Yadavs, 1.8 Lakh Brahmins, 2.2 Lakhs Saithwars, and less than 1 lakh Vaishyas and Bhumihars. Seniors press reporter Manish Pandey anticipates that this election is going to be an interesting tussle because Brahmin candidate is contesting from BJP which may not prove well with Thakurs or Kshatriyas. The History of Gorakhpur has not been too well as the Brahmins did not agree with the participation of Yogi as he himself is a Kshatriya.

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