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On April 26, five bike-borne men on the Alwar-Thanagazi highway stopped a couple, gang-raped the woman and dragged them behind sand dunes off the road. They raped the woman in front of her husband, filmed the act and robbed the couple of Rs 2,000. The woman was an 18 year old young Dalit woman.  According to the complainant’s brother-in-law, the accused started calling the victims’s husband on April 28, demanding Rs 10,000 and threatening that they would circulate the video if they were not paid. And police even told the complainant and her family that they would have to wait until polling ended in the region — Alwar was among 12 seats in Rajasthan that went to polls on May 6 — and only a day later, police made its first arrest.  

It took the Rajasthan police seven days to make the first arrest. Meanwhile,  the accused men threatened her family first on 28 April, demanded Rs 10,000 and even circulated a video of the sexual assault on social media.  Unexplained  time lapses were found in the police response between April 30 and May and circulars were violated in dealing with complaints, particularly involving women and Dalits to delays in registering an FIR and recording the complainant’s statement. In a report by Indian Express, it was reported that the Alwar SP Rajeev Pachar has been removed and the local SHO suspended for inaction. Further, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said that the matter will be taken up under the case officer scheme, wherein police will monitor the entire prosecution process. He also announced two new steps — a nodal officer to monitor crime against women and a new provision to file FIRs at the SP’s office. “On April 29, my brother told us about the incident and I spoke with the accused when they called. I was told that they will let us know where we have to come with the money and that after they receive it, the video will be deleted,” said her brother-in-law.

A section of Indian intellectuals had accused Modi of creating an atmosphere of “intolerance” in the country against minorities and those from the lower-caste and returned their awards en masse in a form of protest that came to be known as “award wapsi”. Further, a recent article in the time magazine termed the PM as the divider in chief in the nation and also accused of creating anger and hatred in the nation. The award wapsi group is a group of liberals who are alleged no conscious keepers but merely political actors and are raising issues for political gain and to maintain relevance.  The Prime Minister recently asked the Award Wapsi Gang for the reason behind the silence on the Gangrape in Rajasthan where there has been cavalier approach to making arrests and deliberate intent in making delay in following procedures and the government is of Congress Party.

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