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"If democracy has succeeded, it is largely due to perfect conduct of elections by election commissioners, starting from Sukumar Sen to the present election commissioners," Mukherjee said at the launch of the book 'Defining India: Through Their Eyes' by NDTV's Sonia Singh.  The appreciative statement by the Congress man has come forth at a time when election commission is found to be biased. "The Election Commissions, over time, have always done a good job...but this Election Commission has given a clean chit to the prime minister on almost every violation...Today 21 parties will be meeting the Election Commission and we hope that they take cognizance of the matter... I don't think former president Pranab Mukherjee is aware of most of the incidents," Congress Spokesperson PL Punia told News18. PL Punia asserted that the former president was not aware of the incidents that had recently occurred. The appreciation, hence, comes forth for the long run of the democracy and the respect for the institution.

The former president stated that the election commission has been doing it’s job very well and it is because of the perfect functioning of the election commission that the democracy is functioning so well. He further remarked that the three election commissioners appointed by the executive are doing very well.  Mukherjee said, "You cannot criticise them. It was a perfect conduct of elections." The election commission has given clean chits to the prime minister on several occasions and the opposition parties including Congress party have questioned the sanctity of the autonomy of the institution.

The chief issue behind the criticism of the public institution by the opposition parties came into existence when the Election Commissioner Ashok Lavasa wrote to Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora stating he will be recusing himself from EC meetings as his dissent was not being recorded on clearances given by the poll panel to the prime minister and BJP chief Amit Shah over alleged poll code violations. The government has been further accused of controlling the public institution which have autonomy and demeaning them including the Reserve Bank of India, Central Bureau of Investigation and even the Supreme Court of India.

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