News By/Courtesy: Prathipati Navya | 04 Jun 2019 23:48pm IST

Pradhan Manthri Kisan scheme introduced by the Modi government for farmers was approved on Friday in the first cabinet meeting. The scheme will benefit over eight lakh farmers who hold 10 hectares (almost 25 acres) and more across the country. The farmers holding such huge lands appears more in the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Haryana, Punjab, and Gujarat but these farmers constitute only 0.6% of total farmers in India.

An analysis was made to find out the number of landholders in each state it showed that 5.3% of total farmers in Punjab, 4.7% in Rajasthan and 2.5% in Haryana are large ones, whereas in other states less than 1% of the total farmers are big landholders due to the distribution of land over the years. Rajasthan stands first in landholdings though it’s land can’t be compared with Punjab and Haryana in terms of productivity like irrigation facilities and soil fertility but it contains a large number of farmers holding such amount of land. It alone has 43% (3.6 lakh) out of 8.3 lakh big farmers in India. Along with Rajasthan, the top 12 states contain 93% of total big farmers in India. In Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh, though there are big land holdings, they are mostly of community land.

Section Editor: Puja Jakhar | 04 Jun 2019 23:51pm IST

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