News By/Courtesy: Nikhil Verma | 05 Jun 2019 10:53am IST

After massive defeat in Lok sabha elections, the congress party and its party supreme are being asked to self-analysis on how to resuscitate the party. For starters, they are required to look at the kind of candidates they fielded in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Of the 62 constituencies for which the party deployed candidates in Uttar Pradesh, around 23 joined the party amid January and April in 2019. Hardly 39 were what could be known as the long-established congress members.

Of all the contenders put up by the Congress party, hardly one seems to have been selected from the Youth Congress, its student branch that probably prepares future leaders. Possibly, the Congress head needs to understand that there is no replacement to boosting candidates and constituencies constantly and over time. In a hugely aggressive electoral conditions quick fix contenders seem to have only affected Rahul’s party in terms of self-esteem and also with respect to philosophical support. The congress party can also self-analysis abut why it did not pay attention to warnings from political advisers that by extending itself too thin across the territory of state, it would vandalize the Grand Alliance.

The party gave the explanation behind the decision that they wanted to rejuvenate its nucleus and that reacquiring its Hindi heartland votes would aid it reclaiming lost ground country wide. This was predicted as an issue of pride and reputation as well as the art of the possible. He differentiated the BJP’s philosophy from his own but the plan did not work. Fielding the contenders who never understood the congress ideology, that’s now how the oldest political party will emerge as victorious.

Section Editor: Shreyashi Tiwari | 05 Jun 2019 10:56am IST

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