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Congress, being the dominant political party for nearly 70 years after the independence, is looking forward to an uncertain future after it’s second consecutive defeat in Lok Sabha. Congress managed to win 52 seats after the election commission of India finally declared the results. In 2014, Congress managed to grab 44 seats. This little improvement has raised questions about the existence of Congress Party.  A big setback for Congress Party was when Rahul Gandhi lost from Amethi which has been held by Congress for years.

Many reasons are viewed as failures of the Congress party. One of the main reasons was the lack of ground work on the party of the leaders. Another reason viewed by many analysts is that the Congress party did not give much time to campaigning.  Inner leaders believe that private comments on the prime minister and talks about rafale did not work but harmed the party itself. Also, since there was very less time, NYAY scheme could not reach many people, especially the lack of awareness about the scheme along the people who would be benefited by it were unaware.  Gandhi took 100% responsibility for the loss. "I take 100 per cent responsibility for this defeat," he said.

"Today is not the day for me to go into the details of this mandate. Today is the day that a new prime minister has been elected and today is the day to wish him all the best and, hopefully, he will look after the interests of this country," he further  added. Senior party leader Anand Sharma called for introspection on what went wrong in the elections. "Accepting the people's verdict with all humility, I congratulate Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his victory. I hope the mandate gives grace and wisdom to leave the campaign bitterness behind and work towards unity," Sharma said.  "It is time to collectively introspect and reflect on what went wrong and mistakes made that led to this humiliating defeat. We remain committed to the Congress ideology and values and reflect on how to rejuvenate the party for the larger interest of the Indian democracy, with all honesty," Sharma said.

The party did not win even one seat in 17 States and union territories. Moreover, the party has shown bad performance in States where it recently won elections.  The party merely managed to win one seat, that too by a narrow margin in Madhya Pradesh, where it had just formed its government, and only two seats in another state ruled by it - Chhattisgarh. It drew a naught in Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Odisha and some northeastern states except Assam, where it won three seats, and one seat in Meghalaya.In Uttar Pradesh, only Sonia Gandhi managed to win. It was victorious in eight seats in Punjab. In Tamil Nadu, it won eight out of nine seats it contested. In Puducherry, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa, the Congress managed to win only one seat each.


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