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 On 25th July,2019 KR Ramesh Kumar the Speaker of Karnataka Legislative Assembly disqualified three MLAs and has also sought time to take a suitable decision on 14 other MLAs.

Congress MLAs Ramesh Jarkiholi, Mahesh Kumathalli and Independent MLA R Shankar were the three MLAs.

They have been now disqualified for the entire term of current Assembly. According to the Speaker, under the 10th Schedule of the Anti-defection law, they were disqualified and that they could not be part of the Assembly in any form and that they could not contest elections till 2023.

Bhartiya Janta Party has been left in a state of uncertainty and despair due to this decision.

BS Yeddyurappa who happens to be BJP’s Chief Ministerial aspirant has been sending envoys to Amit Shah and JP Nadda, the president and acting president of the party to press for an early decision in his favour.

He is ardent to stake claim to form the next government, but the central leadership is weighing all. The other 16 MLAs have reportedly been made certain promises, including seats in the Cabinet.

Yeddyurappa has however kept the pressure on with Karnataka BJP leaders. As KR Ramesh Kumar’s decision may have a grave impact on the next government, BJP is pacing with caution.

A Finance Bill also needs to be passed by the State before the 31st of July.  According to sources, before the month-end if a government is not in place, then imposition of President’s rule may be a constitutional necessity for the passage of the Bill.

On Tuesday this week, HD Kumaraswamy’s government in the State fell after it failed to prove its majority when it got only 99 votes against 105 and lost the confidence vote.

Subsequent to a meeting with father-daughter duo Ramalinga Reddy and Soumya Reddy, Kumaraswamy told the reporters that the resignations of the rebel MLAs have pushed the State towards by-elections. Focus being on winning elections, development has taken a back-seat.

Kumaraswamy, has abstained from taking any public stance on the coalition, but only sought time to discuss on the issue. However, the collapse of the government has left them bitter. After Rahul Gandhi’s tweet that indicated disappointment on their part, it is being interpreted in the state political circles as an indication that the long term alliance might have been over.


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