News By/Courtesy: Srinath Sambangi | 08 Sep 2018 16:57pm IST

V.K Kaul, the Chief Election Commissioner for Delhi University Students Union has released a final list of selected candidates contesting for central panel seats. There are five candidates standing for the position of president, five for Vice President, eight for secretary and five for the post of joint secretary. The Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad has Ankiv Baisoya for the president and Shakti Singh, Sudhir Dedha, Jyoti Chaudhary for Vice President, Secretary and the Joint Secretary respectively. The main agenda according to them solve scholarship issues pertaining to the OBC SC/ST students. ABVP National President Mr. Ashish Chauhan said that their main job is to get rid of Prof. Saibaba who he addressed as an urban Maoist anybody in the same line of mindset who would brainwash the students with their teaching. The NSIU, the main opposition to the ABVP is yet to release a full list of candidates.

Section Editor: Priyanshu Gupta | 08 Sep 2018 17:10pm IST

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