News By/Courtesy: Harshit Sharma | 08 Jul 2019 18:33pm IST

A division bench of Rajasthan High Court comprising of Justice Narendra Singh Dhaddha and Justice Mohammad Rafiq has stayed an order of single bench directing cancellation of all light motor vehicle licenses granted to illiterate. The initial order, in this respect, was issued by Justice Sanjeev Prakash Sharma on May 24, 2019. While hearing the writ petition filed by Singh, Justice Sharma had remarked that a driving license could not be issued to an illiterate person, since he is virtually a menace for pedestrians.

In the instant matter, the appeal was filed by Deepak Singh, who is illiterate and has a light motor vehicle license since 2006. The appellant's counsel contended that there are no provisions relating to minimum education criterion for LMV license.

“A driver should know how to drive, and it is easy to understand the traffic signs… we had argued that it is mostly those with low literacy levels who choose driving as a source of livelihood,” said advocate Satish Khandelwal, appearing for Deepak.


Section Editor: Sandeep G | 08 Jul 2019 18:40pm IST

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