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Amazon is one of platform for Indians to do online shopping. According to latest update, there are 32,000 sellers are performing as global level, there products are selling outside India, mostly Americans customers.  This platform is introduced in India in the year of 2012. Every year Amazon introduced its sale time and individuals who are interested in online shopping waiting for that.

Amazon is famous for its home appliances, televisions, electronics, and kitchen products during this Great Indian Festival Sale. Every year this sale, low the offline market and at some extent create loss to the sellers of market.  The offers introduced sale on smart phones is 21% and 25% - 50% on headphones and speakers. This offer includes discount on various online payment options also, if debit cards belongs to SBI and HDFC others. With this bank debit options includes online payment portals also. The company will also offer free total damage protection to the smart phones. There is a concept of “Golden Hour deals” also in which the more discount at that time highest discount are provided to the customers.

The online shopping, it is part of e-commerce, at present time government itself support this concept. They are introducing portals for online bank to bank transfer and banks also support this. Online shopping is another part of it; through this two benefits are provided to them, they don’t need to go anywhere and less options also they save paper currency. It becomes better in the sale time because customers save their time and getting exciting offers also which indirectly save their money also. At the end, e-commerce is good concept but it affects offline markets and mostly small sellers.

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