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The former DG of Tihar jail - Sunil Gupta explained the hanging procedure with 22nd January being set as the date of execution of the four Nirbhaya rapists. He quoted that 14 days time is given as the customary time to the prisoners to mentally prepare and to decide which relatives they would like to meet for the last time, even the Jail Superintendent pay for the fare if they live far away and are unable to pay for the visit. Speaking on the security arrangements prior to the hanging, the cell will be surveillanced twice a day and the prisoners will be labbled as 'condemned prisoners'. Moreover hanging 'well' has been broadened to facilitate the hanging of all four convicts at the same time. Furthermore the last wish which is customarily asked to a prisoner is the will for transfer of  movable and immovable assets and not of last food or something of the sort.

During the hearing, the prosecution said there was no application pending before any court or the President right now by any of the convicts and the review petition of all the convicts were dismissed by the Supreme Court. According to the jail sources it will take around 6 hours to complete the execution process. This will be the first time that the hanging house in Tihar Jail No-3 will remain open for so long.

 After a seven-year-long wait, the Patiala House Court issued the death warrent for the execution of the 4 convicts and set the execution date as 22nd January 7am. All the convicts were produced before the court via video-conferencing. Earlier, the court reserved its order after hearing the arguements from the counsels of all the parties in the case. Previously, the court adjourned the hearing to January 7 giving one week to the convicts to file mercy plea and to exercise all their remaining legal remedies.

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